Cumberland inside

INSONORIZED with 510×700 mm LOAD BOX and DIAMETER ROTOR 419 mm.

Blade granulator model C-4070-3K

Hopper for frontal loading or with conveyor belt, completely soundproof. Nr. 3 polyurethane flaps to reduce noise leakage and to avoid the flyback of the material from the cutting chamber. Servo-assisted manual tilting system for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Cutting chamber
Cutting chamber made entirely with parts fixed with bolts and pins, for a quick restoration of all construction components. Bearing support outside the cutting chamber to avoid any contamination from dust and liquids. Two fixed reversible blades, mounted on two seats with wear compensation device. All the internal surfaces of the cutting chamber are carefully machined with a high degree of finish to facilitate cleaning operations. Frontal adjustment system of the fixed blades “EasyAccess Cumberland”.

Self cooling open rotor with perfectly balanced central axis equipped with thick rotating blade supports. Double cutting angle system with “scissor effect” for greater efficiency, less noise and lower energy consumption. The shape of the cutting chamber and the rotor make it easier to grip bulky elements, minimizing the “bounce effect” on the rotating blades. The rotor is mounted side-by-side with two rotating discs to prevent filamentary materials from wrapping around the blade axis. This system, thanks to special internal fins, also provides cooling of the side walls and bearings.

Blade housing
The rotor and the housing of the 3 rotating blades are made of steel with a high chromium and carbon content, followed by an exclusive CUMBERLAND treatment to ensure high abrasion resistance. The rotating blades are bolted with high resistance screws and are made of K110 (58 HRC).

Grille support hinged at the rear and equipped with gas shock absorber to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations. Reversible grille available in different sizes.

Base frame
Machine base in high thickness steel with cutting chamber supports in anti-vibration material. Access door and motor unit casing in insulating and sound-absorbing material.

Collector drawer for connection to the suction system equipped with side guides for easy assembly and cleaning.

22 KW TEFC IP55 A.C. motor mounted on an adjustable slide for belt tensioning;

Drive parts
Rotor driven by a high inertia pulley flywheel. Transmission from the motor by means of “V” belts Prepared for the application of a second flywheel. Rotor speed: 450rpm.

A motion sensor verifies that the rotor is perfectly stationary before giving consent to open the service door. Front emergency button and safety micro. At the control panel level, a special relay checks that all safety systems are operating correctly. A pivot key allows the rotor to be locked in the most convenient position for changing the rotating blades.

Electrical panel
Fully IP 55 control panel with all components for the operation and correct operation of the granulator. Star-delta motor star-delta starter, low-voltage control panel. Power supply 380V- 3 phases – 50 Hz.

Accident prevention
The machine is equipped with accident prevention stickers and is accompanied by a user and maintenance manual. Execution according to CE standards.

Estimated production
450-700 kg/h depending on materials and evacuation grid diameter.


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