Combined shredder and granulator

Machines for the reemployment of production waste which combine a 4-shafts shredder and a granulator to get directly pieces of 4-10 mm.

Grinding of large materials and remarkable cutting endurance with convenient investment and operation costs. Handled materials: kegs, cans, plastic bowls, car shockproof devices, tanks, rubber, paper, cardboard, polyethylene tapes, PET bottles.
A control PLC provides the operation of the device, by keeping constantly in contact the shredder and the granulator. Sequential power on and power off system to facilitate the cleaning between changes of material. The Combi series can be equipped with loading tapes, metal detector, ground material dust exhaust systems and big-bag packing.


Operation and characteristics

Loading unit:
Hopper (1).

Shredding unit:
2 or 4 shafts with sharp elements constituted by sharp-corners disks (3) provided with hook (2).

Every hook has the task to hook the product and drive-it towards the cutters (4) assembled onto two or more counter-rotating motors-shaft which will realize a sharp-cut of the material.

Motor drive:
Alternated current asynchronous electric motor. Drive by epicyclic reduction gears. Connexion between cutter-holder shafts and conveyor with oil bath gears.

Product evacuation unit:
Screen (5) with sizes from 14 to 35 mm allowing checking granulometry.

Bigger pieces are put in circle again for a further shredding. In case of smaller screen holes, passages of product between shredding group and times increase.

User can easily disassemble disk by him self. Every machine is provided with a set of keys to disassemble cutters or disks in case they need to be sharp. The machine is equipped with a clear technical manual explaining how to make the operation. Easily access to mechanical parts.

Security device:
It reverses temporarily cutters movement preventing structural overloading or machine breaking in case of excessive quantities to shred or material that cannot be shred. This device allows an excellent adjusting of grinding group to not penalize productivity and regular working.

Temperate milling cutters2042
Input disks2042
Input width mm400×8001.000×1.200
Blades length mm4501.000
Sieve size mm425
Power KW2674
Weight Kg2.1008.000
Production Kg/hour250/4001.200
Safety equipment: closed soundproof base for the mill group, emergency stop, shutdown button, electronic control.


COMBI ISVE: Cumberland core!

Cumberland inside

For its combines systems, ISVE uses cutting chambers made from CUMBERLAND, a worldwide known brand for produxtion of granulators and englobed in the Americas multinational company, ACS.
ISVE grinders have been designed to meet different needs of grinding of plastic material. Some exclusive features that are listed below characterize these grinders:



The traditional granulators have the rotor turning clockwise, so towards to the side of the engine of the machine. This involves the positioning of fixed counter-blades often rather uncomfortable to reach.


CUMBERLAND ® grinders have been designed to rotate counterclockwise, namely towards outside of the granulator.
This allowed obtaining more space before the cutting chamber favouring the action of “taking” of voluminous elements. The regulation of fixed counter-blades is also very simple.


The rotor is places sideways and it is integral with two rotating discs to avoid that filamentary materials twine round the blades-holder axle. This system, thanks to the particular flights inside the flange, ensures the cooling of lateral walls and bearings. One pivot key allows the blocking of the rotor in comfortable positions to change rotary blades.




To warrant the best quality to our products all our “COMBI” series shredders are equipped with SIEMENS motors



The frame and structure of our shredders are made of high-thickness sheets and tubular. This gives big resistance against the most demanding jobs.


The dissection, the high-precision mechanical workings and the steels of high-quality make the tools-holder axis of our “COMBI” series shredders particularly resistant against stress warranting long life during time.


The new control unit of our shredders is made up of the S7-1200 SIEMENS PLC. To facilitate the programming and running of the shredders and its associated peripherals, the user can use an easy touch panel. The system has been designed to be of quick comprehension and easy to use. With a single gesture it is possible to activate loading conveyor belts, refining and suction systems. The control can be centralized and automated.


The new control system allows to signal to the operator the ordinary maintenance intervention at its expiry date.


With an additional form, every machine can be connected on-line through the office net or with an UMTS card (against covering verification). With this system, the grinder functioning is monitorized directly from the mother-house. Moreover, software uploads and remote functioning parameters regulation are available.


All our shredders are equipped with a camera placed near the loading hopper. The operator could easily check the correct running of the machine through the electrical board.


Your needs are our challenge

I.S.V.E. designs and manufactures shredding equipments such as single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, combined systems and granulators customised to meet customer requirements.

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