The unit is made up of a model 60/80S shredder group working in line with a GR 600 granulator.

Characteristics of the shredder:

  • Very thick welded sheet steel support;
  • Support for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids;
  • Anti-wear interchangeable side plates with separating interspace of the cutting chamber from bearing-holder flanges;
  • High thickness shafts with 42 special anti-wear steel cutters and 42 conveyor disks to facilitate gripping of bulky objects;
  • Graduated arrangement of cutter teeth for better taking and cut progress;
  • 2 epicyclical reduction gears with rotation axes parallel to the cutter axis;
  • 2 multi-voltage and multi-frequency motors of 11 KW 6 poles with PREMIUM efficiency class (IE3);
  • Drive system in oil bath with steel gears and pinions;
  • 600×800 mm cutting chamber;
  • Electro-welded sheet metal hopper for front or top loading fitted with sliding cover and anti-fly-back rubber protections.

Characteristics of granulator group:

  • Steel support structure made in electro-welded tubular for the housing of the GR600 granulator;
  • Soundproofed housing chamber;
  • Double closing door with electric lock and safety micro for extracting the granulator group;
  • Internal guides for easy centring the GR600 granulator;
  • Stainless steel rotor holder case made in electro-welded sheet of big thickness, equipped with an open central rotor with a diameter of 400 mm and usable width of 600 mm with interchangeable and sharpening blades in high-alloy steels;
  • 500×600 mm load door;
  • Soundproofed housing chamber, equipped with door with safety for extracting the granulator group to facilitate the regular maintenance operations;
  • Cutter disks group axially adjustable;
  • Interchangeable screen for sizes up to 4 mm;
  • Drive by means of high resistance trapezoidal belts on flywheel;
  • 22 kW motor positioned on slide to better adjust the tension of the belts.

Characteristics of control system:

  • Electrical board built according to CEE rules and provided with power limiting device inverting cutters motion in the case the working charge of the machine is higher than the programmed value;
  • SIEMENS S7-1200 PLC for the control of all the plant peripheral units;
  • 6’’ colour touch screen display to adjust all the machine parameters and control peripheral units;
  • Software arranged to control loading systems, refining grinder, and suction plant;
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the plant in the case of accidental introduction of ferrous material;
  • ISVE MAINTENACE PROGRAM: it signals the ordinary maintenance interventions at their expiry date.
  • PREDISPOSITION FOR REMOTE-ASSISTANCE AND “SAFETY SERVER CONNECTION ISVE” (real-time supervision of the parameters from server ISVE);
  • The production of material in grain form varies in relation to the type of piece to be round and the size of the round items required. On an average it is possible to produce between 500 to 700 Kg per hour;
  • Made to CE standards.

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I.S.V.E. designs and manufactures shredding equipments such as single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, combined systems and granulators customised to meet customer requirements.

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