The widest range of shredders, grinders and granulators on the market.

Design and production of shredding machines

I.S.V.E. designs and manufactures shredding equipments such as single-shaft shredders, double-shaft shredders, four-shaft shredders, combined systems and granulators customised to meet customer requirements. Its systems have long been widespread in all European countries and also in many non-European countries.

sistemi per triturazione macinazione granulazione

Industrial shredders with 2 and 4 shafts

Machines specifically made to shred both urban and industrial wastes such as plastic, paper, cardboard, wood and packagings, fruit shells, fruit stones hide scraps and leather, barks, cans, tyres, waste wood, etc. Models range from the smallest and simple one (5,5 KW) to the model with a larger loading inlet and higher performance, with the installed power capacity up to 200 KW. Please visit the “Videogallery” area of our website, to see this versatility.


Industrial single-shaft shredders

Industrial single-shaft shredders with hydraulic pusher-drawer, complementary systems for double and four shafts shredders. These machines complete the range of I.S.V.E precrushing system. Said machines are particularly suitable for shredding high specific weight elements such as plastic blocks, big pieces of wood, pallets, paper documents, extruded polymer pipes, etc.


Plated granulators

Plated granulators to refine non-ferrous materials: plastic, cardboard, wood, confidential paper documents, etc. For a good price/performance ratio, these mills are used for the grinding and refining of thick materials requiring an enhanced cutting. All the models are equipped with a rotating and fixed blades wearing offsetting, a double wheel and programming for water cooling.


Combined shredders + granulators

“Combi” series: shredder with an in-line granulator, capable of producing final chips ranging between 12 and 4 mm suitable for shredding bulky plastic material, paper documents and wood.

macinatori monoalberoMORE
Serie MR

Single-shaft shredders

Pusher-drawer single shaft grinders.

trituratori a 2 alberiMORE
2 shafts

Double-shafts shredders

Heavy 2- shafts shredders with loading hoppers.

trituratori a 4 alberiMORE
4 shafts

Four-shafts shredders

Isve 4-shafts shredders for bulky waste.

Trituratore e granulatore combinati: CombiMORE


Combined shredders and granulators to get directly pieces of 4-10 mm.

Granulatori a lama serie GRMORE
Serie GR

Blade granulators

Plated granulators to refine non-ferrous materials.

Impianti di triturazione ISVE - Linee dedicateMORE

Specific lines

Shredding plants ISVE – Specific production lines.


All, double and single shaft shredders may be equipped with several accessories such as K2D cutters, additional screens and vibrating screens, hoppers, automated loading carriages and containers, conveyor belts and may other system specifically studied to meet the customer requirements.


With SERVER ISVE CONNECT every machine can be connected on-line through the office net or with an UMTS card (against covering verification). With this system, the grinder functioning is monitorized directly from the mother-house. Moreover, software uploads and remote functioning parameters regulation are available.


For ISVE any industrial waste recycling need is an opportunity to measure its own technical capacity. See detailed description of our lines of products. ISVE staff is at your disposal for any further information in question you may need. We invite you to visit our showroom where you can carry out granulating, grinding and shredding tests.