Main features:

  • Cutting chamber: 1050X750 mm
  • installed horsepower: 18,5 KW + 18,5 KW
  • drive: gears through oil bath reduction gear
  • n. Cutter shafts: 2
  • n. Hardened cutters: 25
  • Cutters diameter: 430 mm
  • Cutters thickness: 40 mm
  • n. spacing combs: 25
  • n. average cutter revs./min.: 16
  • production: 1,4-2 t/h
  • safety precautions: emergency stop, reversal system in case of overloading
  • manufactured to EC standards.

Accessories on request:

  • interchangeable hopper;
  • loading and unloading conveyor belts;
  • custom basement.

Explanatory notes:

Multipurpose machine suitable for shredding an enormous number of waste materials- even very large. It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working.
Recommended for shredding pieces of wood, rags, plastic blocs leather, small tyres, paper, cardboard, packaging, polyethylene banding, plastic film, etc.

Characteristics of the shredder:

  • Strong welded steel framework mounted on anti-vibrating feet;
  • Support for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids;
  • High thickness shafts with 25 special anti-wear steel cutters and 25 spacers to facilitate unloading of shred material:
  • New graduated arrangement of cutter teeth for better taking and cut progress;
  • N.2 epicyclic reduction gears with rotation axes parallel to the cutter axis;
  • N. 2 motors of 18,5 KW for a total of 37 KW;
  • Transmission system in oil bath with steel gears and pinions;
  • mm. 1050X750  cutting chamber;
  • Hopper in bolted sheet mteal for loading from the top;
  • Base made in steel tubular equipped with protection nets or arranged for the belt.
  • Weight: 5.200 kg.

Characteristics of control system:

  • Electrical board built according to CEE rules and provided with power limiting device inverting cutters motion in case the working charge of the machine is higher than the programmed value;
  • Main internal card for the control of all system peripherals devices;
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the plant in the case of accidental introduction of ferrous material.
  • Made to CE standards.

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