The MR 40-100 singe-shaft equipped shredder is particularly suitable to shred high quantities of industrial wastes.
The heavy structure makes the machine suitable to realize an heavy use.

Main features:

  • Power installed on the rotor: 45 kW (60 HP)
  • Power of the hydraulic control unit: 4 kW (HP 5,5)
  • Drive: by belts
  • Number of rotors: 1
  • Rotor diameter: 400 mm
  • Rotor length: 1000 mm
  • Number of reversible tools: 45
  • N° of usable tools sides: 4
  • Average number of rotor revolutions per min: 85
  • Weight: 4.400 kg
  • Production: 1,5-2 t/h.
  • Safety devices: emergency stop, drawer reversal system
  • Manufactured according to EC standards.

Accessories on request:

  • Loading belts;
  • Interchangeable hopper;
  • Interchangeable screen;
  • Shredded material packaging system;
  • Refiner for timber and plastic (for sizes lower than 14 mm)

Explanatory notes:

Big sized multipurpose machine suitable for shredding wide range of waste materials.
It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working. Recommended for shredding pieces of wood, high thickness plastic material, paper, confidential documents, extruded sheets, rubber wastes, etc.

Characteristics of the shredder:

  • Strong welded steel framework;
  • Support for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids
  • High thickness rotor with diameter of 400 mm and length of 1000 mm. It is equipped with 45 tools-holder plates and 45 high alloyed anti-wear tools usable 4 times;
  • No. 2 adjustable counter-blades (upper and lower)made in very alloyed anti-wear steel.
  • Pusher drawer with hydraulic driving with 850 mm of usable run;
  • Hydraulic unit thermostatically controlled with oil cooling radiator;
  • Pulleys and belts drive system to avoid damaging mechanical due to rotor vibrations.
  • 1 multi-voltage, multi-frequency motor of primary national house of 45 kW with PREMIUM efficiency class (IE3) and nr. 1 4 kW motor for hydraulic unit;
  • 1000X 1300 mm cutting chamber;
  • Welded sheet metal hopper for top loading;
  • Interchangeable screen establishing the size of the shredded material;
  • Base equipped with unloading system for shred material evacuation (optional)

Characteristics of control system:

  • Electric switchboard complying with EEC standards, equipped with torque limiting device which inverts the direction of the pusher drawer if the work load of the machine exceeds the set value;
  • S7-1200 SIEMENS PLC to control all the plant peripheral units;
  • SIMATIC SIEMENS touch screen to adjust all the parameters of the machine;
  • Software prepared to control the loading system, the grinder and the suction plant.
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the system;
  • ISVE MAINTENACE PROGRAM: it signals the ordinary maintenance interventions at their expiry date.
  • The production of shredder material varies depending on the type of piece to be ground and the size of the ground items required. On an average it is possible to produce between 1,5-2 t per hour
  • Made to CE standards.


  • ISVE Server Connect: additional internet connection module with automatic monitoring service on the ISVE server of the correct operation of the grinding system.
  • Additional grid that determines the size of the ground material (diam. 14-16-20-25-30-35 mm).
  • Cap connectable to suction system.
  • Upper hopper closure with side window equipped with rubber straps to prevent material from escaping during grinding.
  • Rotor cooling system.
  • Wear-resistant coating for rotor.
  • Pusher drawer with stroke increased to 1300 mm.

Specific accessories for grinding electric cables:

  • Rotor protection tile (prevents materials in the hank from overloading the rotor).
  • Shredder stop software in case of overloading of the separation system / refiner mill.



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