Main features:

  • cutting chamber:1000×900 mm
  • installed power:44 KW (22 kW+22 kW) – 60 HP (30HP+30HP)
  • transmission: by gears
  • No. of cutter shafts: 2
  • No. of tempered cutters (25 mm thick): 40
  • No. input shafts: 2
  • No. introducer discs: 40
  • No. of medium rpm: 18
  • production:1-1.4 T/hour
  • safety equipment: emergency stop, hopper closure contact

Accessories on request:

  • interchangeable hopper;
  • interchangeable screen;
  • custom-made base.

Notes of use:

Very versatile “medium-heavy” shredder, suitable for shredding numerous waste materials, even bulky ones. It can be inserted in line for continuous operation. Recommended for shredding even large pieces of wood, pallets, rags, plastic, leather, tyres, paper, cardboard, packaging, polyethylene tapes, plastic films, PET bottles, metal sheet containers, various containers, upholstery, faesite, bumpers, trunks, waxed tarpaulins, paper documentation, plastic scraps, extrusion start and end sprues, etc.

Characteristics of the shredder:

  • High thickness electrowelded sheet steel support;
  • Bearing supports for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids;
  • Interchangeable wear-proof side plates, with separation cavity of the cutting chamber from the bearing flanges;
  • High thickness shafts with nr. 40 special wear-resistant steel cutters and nr. 40 inlet discs to facilitate the gripping of bulky bodies;
  • Tool thickness 25 mm;
  • Scalar arrangement of the cutter teeth for a better grip and cutting progression;
  • 2 planetary gearboxes with rotation axes parallel to the cutter axis;
  • 2 multi-voltage, multi-frequency motors of primary domestic 22 kW with PREMIUM efficiency class (IE3);
  • Oil bath transmission system with steel gears and pinions;
  • Cutting chamber with dimensions of mm. 1000X900;
  • Interchangeable screen that determines the size of the ground material (optional);
  • Hopper in electrowelded sheet metal for frontal or top loading;
  • Base equipped with nr. 3 protection nets with frontal gate equipped with safety micro gate.

Control system features:

  • Electrical panel in compliance with EEC standards, equipped with a torque limiter that reverses the movement of the cutters in case the working load of the machine exceeds the set value;
  • PLC SIEMENS S7-1200 for the control of all the peripherals of the plant;
  • 6 inch colour touch screen display for the adjustment of all machine parameters;
  • Software predisposed for the control of the loading systems, refinery mill and suction system;
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the plant;
  • ISVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM: maintenance schedule indicated on touch screen.
  • PREDISPOSITION FOR TELEAST SYSTEM AND “SAFETY SERVER CONNECTION ISVE” (real-time monitoring of machine parameters from ISVE server).
  • Execution according to CE standards


  • ISVE Server Connect: additional internet connection module with automatic monitoring service on ISVE server of the correct grinding plant operation.
  • Hydraulic pusher with the following characteristics:
    • Robust compound made of electro-welded steel profiles, to facilitate the grip of bulky bodies;
    • Fixing plate to the machine body;
    • Manual control selector;
    • Protection nets;
    • Hydraulic cylinder for pusher drive;
    • Hydraulic power unit equipped with gear pump and 2,2 Kw motor, thermostated, with oil cooling radiator;
    • Management and control devices from electric shredder panel

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