Shredding of paper documents documents: the shredding plant.

ISVE has produced a special version for its range of Combined systems, dedicated to the shredding of paper documents.

The documents shredder is characterised by the possibility of easily guaranteeing all 5 DIN types of destruction, from the coarsest to the finest, by means of simple adjustments.

From the user’s point of view, all that is required is to fill the hopper and start the equipment (it is possible to tip whole boxes into the load unit).

Paper shredding

The documents shredder is responsible for the initial shredding of the paper, reducing the size to about 3-4 cm.
The pre-shredded documents are unloaded into a high speed blade mill for final shredding.

A magnetic plate can be inserted between the shredder and the mill so as to avoid the unintentional introduction of ferrous material damaging the final shredding mill.

The “confetti” obtained from this shredding process is sucked and placed in bags by means of an electric fan on tracks.
The emission of dust into the environment is very low thanks to the application of particular polyester cartridges fitted above the cyclone (release lower than 0.5% for dust sizes of between 0.2 and 2 micron).
The efficiency of the filtering group is guaranteed by two shakers that, by causing the folds in the filter to vibrate, clean them, discharging the dust directly into the bags.

All the functions of the documents shredding plant are governed by a PLC.
The productivity of the COMBI 50/66D-GR300 is about 150-250 kg/h of paper documents even when bound and very thick.


  1. Load Unit
  2. Shredder group
  3. Soundproofed box for thin shredding (78-80 dB)
  4. Soundproofed aspirator (80dB)
  5. Self-cleaning filter cartridges box
  6. Collection bags

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