MS 22-60 IT

The MS 22-60 single-shaft shredder is particularly suitable to shred high-consisting wastes.
A hydraulic control unit allows driving the pusher drawer. Thus, the product to be grinded is pushed towards a tools-holder rotor causing its crushing.
Thanks to a screen it is possible to select the final dimension of the shredder material.

Main features:

  • Power installed on the rotor: 18,5 kW (25 HP)
  • Power of the hydraulic control unit: 2,2 kW (HP 3)
  • Drive: by belts
  • Number of rotors: 1
  • Rotor diameter: 220 mm
  • Rotor length: 600 mm
  • Number of reversible tools: 27
  • N° of usable tools sides: 4
  • Average number of rotor revolutions per min: 85
  • Weight: 1.800 kg
  • Production: 200-400 kg/h
  • Safety devices: emergency stop, drawer reversal system.

Explanatory notes:

Small-medium sized multipurpose machine suitable for shredding wide range of waste materials.
It can be introduced into a line to operate in continuous working. Recommended for shredding pieces of wood, high thickness plastic material, paper, confidential documents, extruded sheets, small tires, etc.

Characteristics of the shredder:

  • Strong welded steel framework;
  • Support for barrel roller bearings with sealing system against dust and liquids;
  • High thickness rotor with diameter of 220 mm and length of 600 mm. It is equipped with 23 tools-holder plates and 27 high alloyed anti-wear tools usable 4 times;
  • No. 2 adjustable counter-blades (upper and lower) made in very alloyed anti-wear steel;
  • Pusher drawer with hydraulic driving with 500 mm of usable run;
  • Hydraulic unit;
  • Pulleys and belts drive system to avoid damaging mechanical due to rotor vibrations;
  • No. 1 multi-voltage and multi-frequency motor of 18,5 KW of primary national company with PREMIUM efficiency class (IE3) and no. 1 motor of 2,2 KW for the hydraulic unit;
  • 600 X 700 mm cutting chamber;
  • Welded sheet metal hopper for top loading;
  • Interchangeable screen establishing the size of the shredded material;
  • Discharge system: to be defined.

Characteristics of control system:

  • Electric switchboard complying with EEC standards, equipped with torque limiting device which inverts the direction of the rotor if the work load of the machine exceeds the set value;
  • Main internal board (LOGO SIEMENS) for the control of all the plant peripheral units;
  • Emergency control functions for stopping the system;
  • Made to CE standards.


  • Interchangeable screen establishing the size of the shredded material (diam. 14-16-20-25-30-35 mm).
  • Drawer connectable to a suction system with outlet connection diameter 160 mm.
  • Collection drawer for shredded material, equipped with 4 swivel wheels, plexiglass inspection window, fixing knobs and safety micro.
  • Upper hopper closure with side window equipped with rubber bands to avoid material leakage during grinding.
  • Rotor cooling system.


  • Rotor protection plate (prevents rotor overloads when loading hank materials).
  • Shredder stop software in case of overloaded separation system/refiner mill.








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